MEET-A – Multi-modal Fusion of Electro-optical Sensors for Spacecraft Pose Estimation Towards Autonomous in- Orbit Operations

Project description:

Satellites autonomously meeting in a rendezvous approach is the next biggest revolution in space. This starts by endowing satellites with the capability of accurately and robustly determining their relative pose without cooperating with other spacecrafts. Existing solutions are still not accurate enough to be deployed in space. To enhance these approaches and enable their applicability, the MEET-A project proposes to use multi-modal fusion of passive Electro-Optical data based on thermal and visible-range cameras. With the appropriate fusion strategy, richer information will be used effectively to introduce two key innovations.

  • Starting date: 01/01/2021
  • Duration: 36 months + 12
  • Funding source: FNR Bridges
  • Researchers: Dr. Vincent Gaudillière, Mohamed Ali, Prof. Dr. Djamila Aouada (PI)  
  • Partners: LMO