A dataset of 2600 synthetic images of skin lesions and corresponding ground-truth labels, is intended to enable the development of skin lesion analysis methods.


Is an extension of 3DBodyTex.v1. It contains about 3000 static 3D human scans with high-resolution texture. It features a large variety of poses and clothing types, with about 500 different subjects.


3DBodyTex.Pose offers high quality and rich data containing 405 different real subjects in various clothing and poses, and around 325k image samples with ground-truth 2D and 3D pose annotations.


A dataset containing 400 real, high-resolution human scans of 200 subjects (100 males and 100 females in two poses each) with high-quality texture and their corresponding low-resolution meshes.

SPARK 2022

The SPARK 2022 dataset contains two streams of data. 1. Spacecraft Detection involves localising and classifying the object. 2. Spacecraft Trajectory Estimation focuses on temporal data to estimate the 6DoF pose of the spacecraft.


The CC3D dataset consists of 50k+ pairs of 3D scans and CAD models, both provided as triangular meshes.


The CC3D-PSE dataset is an extension of the CC3D dataset and consists of +50k pairs of scans and CAD models as triangular meshes, and sharp edge annotations provided as parametric curves including linear, circular, and spline segments.


The CC3D-Ops dataset contains 37k+ B-Reps with the corresponding per-face CAD operation type and step annotations. It comes with complex models that are close to real-world industrial challenges.

SPARK 2021

The SPARK dataset is a unique space multi-modal annotated image dataset containing a total of ~150k RGB images and the same number of depth images of 11 object classes (10 spacecrafts and one class of space debris).