Remix Science: The Sound of Data – Science meets Music

Project description:

The Sound of Data explores new ways of creating, performing, and experiencing music and art by using multi source data as the building blocks in the creative process, i.e. remixing the scientific and artistic approaches herein. It is centered around the idea to use datasets obtained in different contexts as a core determinant of a musical composition. . The developed concepts will be applied to different datasets (traffic data, historical data, crowd sourcing data and 3D body scan data) to focus on topics with high societal relevance of to the focus area and to address the artistic headlines of Esch 2022.  

  • Starting date: 01/12/2020
  • Duration: 24 months
  • Funding source: Esch 2022   
  • Researchers: CVI2 researchers, Prof. Djamila Aouada (PI)    
  • Partners: FNR , Rockhal, LIST , UL