Recovery of Parametric Sharp Edges in 3D Object Scans

Given a 3D object scan with smooth edges, the goal of this challenge is to reconstruct the corresponding CAD model as a triangular mesh with sharp edges approximating the ground-truth sharp edges.

New: This challenge introduces the CC3D-PSE dataset which is a new version of the CC3D dataset used in SHARP 2021. CC3D-PSE consists of:

  • +50k pairs of scans and CAD models as triangular meshes
  • Sharp edge annotations provided as parametric curves including linear, circular, and spline segments
 This challenge involves 2 tracks:
  • Track 1: Recovering linear sharp edges. A subset of the CC3D-PSE dataset is considered in this track which includes only linear sharp edges.
  • Track 2:  Recovering sharp edges as linear, circular, and spline segments. The whole CC3D-PSE will be used in this track.

Useful routines (e.g., reading and sampling sharp edges) and further documentation can be found in the GitLab repository of SHARP 2022. Some samples from Track 1 and 2 are shown below.

Track 1

Track 2