Skytrust: Authenticate Digital Assets using Space Data

Project description: The objective of the Skytrust project is to build and improve the trust in any digital asset by securing the authenticity of its content from its creation through a novel and scalable solution associated with a blockchain infrastructure. Our specific role in this project is to design an artificial intelligence solution to detect … Continued

Remix Science: The Sound of Data – Science meets Music

Project description: The Sound of Data explores new ways of creating, performing, and experiencing music and art by using multi source data as the building blocks in the creative process, i.e. remixing the scientific and artistic approaches herein. It is centered around the idea to use datasets obtained in different contexts as a core determinant … Continued

SmartSchoul2025: The future Luxembourg School

Project description: SnT has partnered with the Ministry of National Education represented by its department for the Coordination of Educational and Technological Research and Innovation SCRIPT and the Lycée Edward Steichen à Clervaux (LESC) in defining the Smart Schoul 2025 project. The goal of this project is to create a fertile environment for pupils to be … Continued

DETECT: Towards edge-optimized deep learning for explainable quality control

Project description: The current evolution of the manufacturing domain towards the so-called Industry 4.0 demands for more flexible solutions. Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) provide this by automatically learning high level features. However, its wide-spread application   in industry is mainly hampered by two factors: high hardware demands and lacking explainability of classification decisions.  Neural networks tend … Continued

Visual Quality Control in Manufacturing

Project description: The project objective is to investigate the usage of Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) for on-the-edge image analytics, i.e., product control in the industrial domain. The ever-growing throughput and quality demands of modern manufacturing make it impossible to rely on the human eye for a rising number of quality assessment procedures. This development leads … Continued