CAD-SIGNet: CAD Language Inference from Point Cloud using Layerwise Sketch Instance Guided Attention

 CVPR 2024 (Highlight)

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Mohammad Sadil Khan* · Elona Dupont* · Sk Aziz Ali*° · Kseniya Cherenkova*` · Anis Kacem* · Djamila Aouada*
*: SnT, University of Luxembourg       `: Artec3D        °: German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence

CAD-SIGNet Scenarios

Full design history recovery from an input point cloud (top-left). CAD-SIGNet user interaction (bottom-left and right).


CAD-SIGNet Contributions

  • Auto-regressive network for CAD language inference given a point cloud, allowing for interactive scenarios of reverse engineering
  • Multi-modal transformer blocks with layer-wise cross-attention between point cloud and CAD language embedding
  • A Sketch instance Guided Attention (SGA) guiding the layer-wise cross-attention to attend on relevant regions of the point cloud for predicting sketches
  • Experimental validation in two different reverse engineering settings:
    • Full CAD history recovery
    • Conditional auto-completion

CAD-SIGNet Architecture

Qualitative Results

Design History Recovery from Point Clouds:​

Conditional Auto-Completion from User Input and Point Clouds:

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The present work is supported by the National Research Fund, Luxembourg under the BRIDGES2021/IS/16849599/FREE-3D and IF/17052459/CASCADES projects and Artec3D.



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