List of Projects

DIOSSA: Deep Learning-based In-orbit Space Situational Awareness

MEET-A – Multi-modal Fusion of Electro-optical Sensors for Spacecraft Pose Estimation Towards Autonomous in- Orbit Operations

Space Situational Awareness Instrumentation

Deep Learning of 3D Scanned Data

CASCADES: Constrained Sequence modelling of CAD for reverse Engineering from 3d Scans

FREE-3D: Feature-based Reverse Engineering Of 3D Scans

FakeDeTer: DeepFake Detection using Spatio-Temporal-Spectral Representations for Effective Learning

UNFAKE: Unsupervised multi-type explainable deepFAKE detection

SmartSchoul2025: The future Luxembourg School

ELITE: Enabling Learning and Inferring compact deep neural network Topologies on Edge devices

Visual Quality Control in Manufacturing

Proving Digital Asset Integrity Using Deepfake Detection  

ID-form – Face Identification Under Deformations

SHApe Recovery from Partial textured 3D scans (SHARP)

Skytrust: Authenticate Digital Assets using Space Data

Remix Science: The Sound of Data – Science meets Music

DETECT: Towards edge-optimized deep learning for explainable quality control